Certified lawyer

wendelmuth lawyers (in German: wendelmuth Rechtsanwälte) gives legal advice in all questions concerning German family law and inheritance law. We communicate in English with you.

The law office was founded in December 2012. Founder and owner is Agnes D. Wendelmuth. She is a German Lawyer who is officially registered by the Chamber of Lawyers as a certified lawyer for both family and inheritance law. As such she offers specialized legal advice in these two closely related fields of law. She is assisted by Christoph Schäfer, PhD in law and MBA, an experienced economic lawyer.

The main office of the law firm is based in Falkensee, a medium-sized town located directly at the western city limit of Berlin and easy to reach.

You will find more information regarding our services here soon.

If you need support in family law or inheritance law matters, please contact us, either via e-mail lawyer@wendelmuth.net or phone +49-3322-42560-20.

We represent your interests in Germany nationwide extrajudicially and before every court (with exception of the Federal Court of Justice – Bundesgerichtshof).